Learn, Work & Earn Centre

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APTCOO | Learn Work & Earn Centre, Sandy Lane, Mansfield

​​​Our Vision

 In parIn IIn partnership with our young adults together with parents and carers we have designed and created and genuine environment in which students are trained who have special educational needs, a disability or not currently in education, employment or training. 

We now fill the recognised skills gaps within the local economy, working in partnership with education, industry and business to educate, train and enable young people to move successfully into paid employment. We have providers on-site delivering truly innovative and forward thinking courses, equipping our students with practical, functional and educational skills to enable them to become independent and high achievers.

The Centre

The LW&EC is a specialist centre and an extension of APTCOO, that caters for young people transitioning into adulthood.  The age range of people who use the centre is between 14 and 25, this coincides with the transition between children and adult services by education, health and social care which can, at times, be a period of confusion, anxiety and stress for the whole family.

The space is multi-functional, giving opportunities to individuals to experience and try out a range of different roles. These include, for example, marketing, sales, reception, administration, operations, light manufacturing, assembly and despatch.

The centre provides a menu of activities based on a flexible curriculum model that enables students to engage with a learning progression route through to formal qualification.

What difference this will make

We have developed a light manufacturing and maintenance workshop in which products are created where there is an identified need or gap in the market.  Examples of products include: bird boxes, wooden planters and trellis, sensory goods, adapting clothing to meet the needs of children/young people with disabilities, electrical testing, bike maintenance and recycling, shabby chic goods or creating ready-made cake mixtures.

This enables students to learn practical and functional skills, equipping them to explore future job opportunities and develop independent living skills.  The nature of the work is such that it is co-produced with students who participate in the planning and development of projects.

Wrapped around the physical production of goods/products is all the other opportunities for students to get involved with an end-to-end business cycle and process to give them hands on experience of various functions, for example, marketing, sales, administration, finance, operations.

The LW&EC is curriculum based learning whereby qualifications are obtained in a safe, friendly and understanding environment.  We offer young learners innovation, creativity and flexibility which cater to their individual needs.

As a charity, we have an excellent reputation within the community, statutory sector and private industry.  By creating a space like this, we are non-judgemental, remove stigma and encourage positivity to ensure our students progress and meet their desired outcomes.

Opportunities at the LW&EC

The new centre will provide a learning and working environment in which to train, educate and nurture young people and members of the wider community to increase their employability. We have successfully piloted innovative models of learning designed to engage any person at any level to develop their own set of skills and attributes to succeed.

The LW&EC builds on the charity’s innovative and unique project based learning and Rapid Enterprise Developments, which include developing a hobby or interest into a micro-business. Opportunities include but are not exclusive to:


- Supported Internships

- Traineeships

- Apprenticeships

- Work Experience

- Volunteering

- Independent Living Skills


If you would like to enquire about the LW&EC please don't hesitate in contacting us using any of the methods on our Contact Us page.