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At APTCOO we believe everyone should have the same opportunity to succeed in life and through providing an accessible, alternative and flexible route tailored to their individual needs, we aim to increase aspiration throughout the local community. We believe we are here to give our young people a voice in shaping their future and prepare them in every sense for a happy, fulfilled adulthood that contributes positively back to society.


Our flexible curriculum enables young people to make those choices about their education and future, with our support it gives them the tools to succeed. Young people can expect developmental, individual learning plans that are developed with them to incorporate their interests, needs and future aspirations, so every young person leaves with the skills and self-confidence for a successful future.  


Everything we do is underpinned by the preparing for adulthood framework, helping students work towards their life ambitions. Based in Mansfield and with satellite centres on the Thoresby Estate, we prepare our students for all aspects of adulthood and working life, from future work and community life to independent and healthy living.


We have developed a variety of innovative models of learning designed to engage any person, at any level, to develop a range of skills and attributes that will underpin their future success in education, work and life.  This is often facilitated through ​project-based learning which explores an individual's strengths, abilities, aspirations and life goals. It gives a focus and purpose, as well as exploring those hidden, untapped talents.

The aim of all programmes is to maximise employability with the effect of fostering the characteristics of self-worth, discipline, personal initiative and conscientiousness that accompanies greater independence and self-determination. 


APTCOO pathways include traineeships, apprenticeships, vocational and employability and meet current Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) and Education and Health Care outcomes:

  • Further higher education and or employment

  • Independence and independent living

  • Community inclusion and friendships

  • Maintaining good health

Pastoral Support

All Pathways with APTCOO Independent Post 16 provision will be underpinned with dedicated pastoral support from our tutors this is to ensure that:

  • Pathways meet the needs and interests of the learner

  • The learners progress is planned, monitored, and celebrated

  • Learners receive timely support, information, advice, and guidance

  • Transition planning is effective by enabling learners to reach their goals

  • Parents/families are informed of developments and given direction on how learning can be transferred into the home

  • Parents/families are signposted to correct external agencies for support, information, advice and guidance

“Look at what I can do, not what you think I can do”

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