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About Us

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

A Place to Call Our Own (APTCOO) is a registered Charity and Independent School in Nottinghamshire. We have created unique spaces in the local community for over 30 years and have properties in Mansfield, Retford, Budby and Thoresby set within the beautiful Sherwood Forest. We are motivated by the social, economic, health, environmental and community benefits, we are committed to bringing those benefits to as many people as possible, including marginalised and vulnerable groups.

We provide a wide range of information, advice and access to a flexible and tailored range of specialist services for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their whole family unit.

We operate through a single point of contact, 7 days per week; families feel safe, improve their education, health and well-being, develop new skills and have fun within all-inclusive community settings. We specialise in early intervention and preventative practise with an ultimate aim to keep children and young people safe, healthy and happy.

Our spaces and places are designed to encourage engagement and participation at the right time, in the right place, by the right people, bringing families together to support one another, make friends and socialise, reducing isolation and loneliness. We embrace the importance and power of learning, enabling children, young people and adults to try things out without the fear of failure, changing the emphasis from surviving into thriving. Our services include:


  • Crisis support - nurture unit acting as safety net between agencies

  • Delivery of specialist training programmes

  • Emotional well-being support for families

  • After school activity groups for children and young people across all age ranges

  • Parents and sibling groups

  • Young carer group

  • Therapeutic sensory space

  • Outreach and home support

  • Flexible short breaks

  • Volunteering

  • Education, training and employability

  • Workforce development

APTCOO is recognised and highly valued for our ability to address the social, emotional learning needs of young people at a greater risk of being left behind socially and educationally. We look at the whole picture, early intervention, identifying and addressing the underlying issues in children and young people and their family lives which prevent them from achieving their full potential. We deliver holistic support with long term impact.

APTCOO is a trusted partner that meets the needs of modern integrated commissioning and also delivers successfully for our families and young people. Our right time, right place integrated pathway has been co-designed to meet the needs of our communities, provide best value and empower individuals by putting families and young people at the heart of it.

APTCOO Integrated Pathway

Right Time, Right Place, Right People    


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Our Mission

"One of our greatest freedoms is how we react to things"


The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse

Charlie Mackesy

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