Meet the Team

The APTCOO team represents education, health and care, private and voluntary sector. Our investment in training and development is exemplary. Each year we support staff and volunteers within their chosen fields of work to develop their skills, qualifications and areas of personal development. We work together with local colleges and universities providing high quality placements. Our environment lends itself to research and development, this is recognised and rewarded with qualified therapists spending time with APTCOO to carry out their University placement. Their experience, findings and recommendations for change are transferred into high quality reports shared with the Board and contributing to the future design, business planning of APTCOO.

Charity Board / School Governors

•    David Liggins, Chairman
•    Trish Green, Safeguarding Lead
•    Lee Piercy, Treasurer
•    Mike Holmes, Staff Representative and Communications Lead
•    Becky Hayes, Community Representative


Leadership and Management Team

•    Carol Burkitt, CEO and School Proprietor
•    James Wilson, Headteacher
•    Martin Cope, Post-16 Enterprise Lead
•    Andrew Pressley, EHCP/SEND Lead


Admin and Business Support

•    Leah Gorstridge, Parent Carer Support 
•    Mike Holmes
•    Sam Wright, Admin and Finance Lead

Teaching and Support Team

•    Abby Armstrong
•    Richard Cope 
•    Olivia Fisher 
•    Tracy Ford
•    Jonathan Hunt 
•    Ruth Kellett 
•    Michael Linney
•    Joe Lloyd 
•    Nicola Marsh 
•    Kaja Mroczkowska
•    Ryan Smith

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