We believe everyone should have the same opportunity to succeed in life and through providing an accessible, alternative and flexible route tailored to their individual needs, we aim to increase aspiration throughout the local community.

We have piloted innovative models of learning designed to engage any person, at any level, to develop a range of skills and attributes that will underpin their future success in education, work and life skills. ​Project based learning explores strengths, ability, aspirations and life goals. It gives a focus and purpose, as well as tapping into hidden talents.

The ultimate aim is to maximise employability with the effect of fostering the characteristics of self-worth, discipline, personal initiative and conscientiousness that accompanies greater independence and self-determination. 

After the initial nurturing period, individuals will be encouraged to experience and try out a range of different roles. Opportunities that will be available at APTCOO include:

  • Supported internships

  • Traineeships

  • Apprenticeships

  • Work experience

  • Volunteering

  • Social, functional and independent living skills

  • Enterprise development e.g. growing, building, fixing and selling

  • Social entrepreneurship

“Look at what I can do, not what you think I can do”


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