APTCOO in Bassetlaw

APTCOO in Bassetlaw provides a range of high, quality support services to empower families pre and post diagnosis, who have children and young people with behaviours that challenge including Autism, ADHD and SEND. Families are able to self-referral via telephone, email or social media; GPs; paediatric consultants; school nurse, SENCO or any other family support services. From the first point of contact APTCOO provide emotional, practical, educational and holistic support to the whole family. For more information 'phone 01623 629 902 (head office) or 07395 013 295 (Bassetlaw Support Line) or click here to visit our Facebook page.

Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)  

A helpline is accessible to anyone who needs support or advice, including parents with a child with or without a diagnosis, schools or professionals. The support line is accessible from Monday to Friday from 10am - 2pm and is staffed by the APTCOO family support team. The Bassetlaw Support Line number is: 07395 013 295.

Family Learning Programme (FLP) 

APTCOO will be delivering a Family Learning Programme, the aim is to provide early support and evidence-based interventions to families of children and young people displaying behaviour that causes concern or challenges, where there is no formal diagnosis of ASD and/or ADHD, but where behaviours may be indicative or characteristic of these conditions. Post-diagnosis support for these conditions is also provided. 

The Family Support Programme offers an introduction followed by a flexible learning programme that will address:

  • ASD and ADHD and behaviours that are challenging

  • EHCPs and the Local Offer

  • Sensory overload, tools and techniques

  • Sleep deprivation

  • Family needs, wants and choices

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SEND Social Prescribing Pathway 

The Social Prescribing service will be provided to families in Bassetlaw.                                                         Individuals will either be seen face to face in an appropriate setting or virtually via                                                Teams or telephone. The Social Prescriber will triage and signpost parents and carers

to access non-clinical support services from Bassetlaw CCG, the Local Authority,

voluntary organisations and community groups in the local area. The full range of Voluntary and Community Services available will be explored and matched to the needs of the family, with the view to improving their health and wellbeing. 

ASD Sensory Therapies  

Sensory processing difficulties can change how a person responds to changes in their own body, the environment and how they interact with it and others around them. They may have difficulties registering or processing sensory input which may result in them seeking out or avoiding particular types of stimuli. These behaviours can have an impact on social interactions, activities of daily living, gross and fine motor skills, cognitive development and the ability to maintain a calm, alert state.  

APTCOO will deliver ASD Sensory Therapies as part of the wider holistic APTCOO offer, this will include specifically but not limited to: 

  • To help children and young people with SEND reach their potential through specialist therapy programmes and sensory resources  

  • Raising parent carers’ awareness and a greater understanding of sensory processing and “what this means to my child” 


Parents and carers will be supported to engage in open dialogue to establish their needs, wants and choices to build resilience in their family, to equip them to be able to manage the challenges of everyday life and to enable them to have greater choice and control over the decisions that affect their family.

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