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Traineeships Pathway

With the expertise of APTCOO staff, the traineeship programmes are individualised to meet the learners needs and has the flexibility to develop pathways that enhance learning needs as well as meaningful learning opportunities to enable and develop each leaner to attain a place in our community where they can thrive.


Programme Qualification Building:

Programmes are built around individual learning needs and personal aspiration and comprise of the following elements:


  • A Vocational Level 1 programme to be chosen – Awarding bodies differ dependant on programme an example of options are given below

  • Functional skills in Maths and English at Entry Level 3, Level 1 or Level 2 depending on current ability and initial assessment.

Vocational Programme Examples:

This is not an exhaustive list however examples of the occupational elements of the qualification are:

  • Administration level 1

  • Customer Service Level 1

  • Introduction to Facilities Level 1

  • ICT level 1

  • Health & Wellbeing Level 1

  • Introduction to Warehousing Level 1

  • Retail Level 1


Work placement:

We will source a work placement for our learners this will be for a minimum of 12 weeks and can last up to 52 weeks, dependant on aspiration and potential progression pathways for example, an Apprenticeship. Learners must attend at least 100 hours within the workplace to achieve this element, this can include time spent on taster days and virtual tours.

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